Assigning Applications to Users or Groups




Once you have published some applications , you can publish them to one or more users and/or groups. To do so, click on the “Assign Application” tile in the “Applications” section of the AdminTool.

The following window will be displayed. It allows you to assign  applications:

How to Assign an Application to a user (or a group)

You can either assign an application for all authenticated users or to specified users and groups. If you wish to assign an application to a specific user or group, just click on “Add”, then enter the name of the user or group you wish to assign the application: On this example, Foxit will be assigned to the Remote Desktop Users Group. Click on ‘Ok”:

Manage applications per Users/Groups in bulk

The Applications – Users submenu allows you to see which applications are assigned per user or per group, by clicking on the “Select a User/Group” tile, then entering its name:

On this example, you can see that the Microsoft Remote Dekstop, Notepad, Foxit and OpenOffice where all assigned to the group “Front Office”:

Rules for Microsoft Remote Desktop, TSplus Remote TaskBar and Floating Panel

  • You can customize your user’s work environment by assigning one application out of these four: Microsoft Remote Desktop, TSplus Remote TaskBar, Floating Panel and Application Panel.
  • If no application is assigned to one user, he will see the Microsoft Remote Desktop which will display the Desktop folder shortcuts.
  • If one user has several allocations plus the Microsoft Remote Desktop, he will see a remote desktop.
  • If a user has several applications plus the TSplus TaskBar, he will see the TaskBar displaying his Desktop folder’ shortcuts.

Running scripts/programs on session opening

  • If you want to start a script when the session opens, you must name it LOGON.BAT or LOGON.CMD and copy this script:
    • In the Application Data folder of All Users if this script applies to all users,
    • In the Application Data of the user if this script applies to this user.
  • If you want to start a script on the client side when a session is opening, you just have to name a program STARTUP.EXE and to copy it at the home drive of the user PC (C:\startup.exe).
  • If you want a program to be started as a service when the TSplus server reboots you have to name this program STARTUP.EXE and copy it in the folder: C:\Program Files\TSplus\UserDesktop\Files\ .