Positive Results Announced at TSplus Quarterly Board Meeting

Executive Summary: TSplus held their quarterly Board of Directors meeting in Paris last week. This meeting was the beginning of a tradition established last April during the International meeting in Mauritius. It was an opportunity to evaluate TSplus development in the second quarter, and to discuss projects to be implemented for the remainder of 2018.

TSplus formalizes its organization

TSplus’ success has been exponential for the last ten years. This has resulted in increased hiring in order to manage its worldwide operations. Today, TSplus is an international group of several independent SME’s split in 10 business units over five continents. The group has grown with an agile business model based on the interests of all stakeholders.

However, with success come higher expectations. Therefore, TSplus has decided to improve its organization and communication systems for better cooperation between all business units and decision makers.

TSplus decided to implement quarterly meetings as part of this strategy, to regularly bring all senior leaders together. On Friday, June 28th, the Mercure Montparnasse Hotel hosted the very first meeting, which focused on the second quarter achievments.

The meeting assembled the following members of the Board of Directors:

  • D. Benoit, Founder and President
  • O. Benoit, CEO and Head of the Support Team
  • O. Metlaine, Support Team
  • A. Carbonne, CTO
  • T. Montalcino, Technical Development
  • M. Zinbi, Financial Director
  • F. Mer, Marketing Manager
  • L. Grenier , Marketing Manager
  • A. Bokor, Director of French & Francophone Region

Each participant presented a review of their Q2 achievements, ongoing projects and action plans for the upcoming month.

TSplus strengthens its financial base

D. Benoit, President, and M. Zinbi, Financial Director, were pleased to announce positive results for the first half of 2018.

Globally, for all regions combined, revenues were approximately $3M, with about $1M profit. This represents an increase of 50% over 2017. An impressive 36% growth in sales was achieved through their main distributor, FastSpring, the top contributing countries being the US, France and Brazil. The leading products are TSplus Enterprise and TSplus Mobile Web editions, both predominantly purchased with at least 25 users. This means that the number of “Large Accounts” owning thousands of servers for the installation of TSplus is increasing.

This is all great news for TSplus, who plans to reinvest in R&D and staffing to sustain its international development.

TSplus Invests in Technical Development and Innovations

Announcements made regarding the technical area will please all TSplus customers.

Regarding technical support, O. Benoit confirmed the hiring of a new specialist to continue to improve the quality and continuity of the service. This new member, a systems and network engineer, is expected to join the team in October. In the meantime, actions will be taken to improve online documentation and tutorial videos, ensuring that they are adequately clear to provide the necessary support.

The technical development area has also been working on the development of a new tool to offer an additional support channel in 2019. Stay tuned!

As part of the next releases, customers can expect the following innovations:

  • Compatibility with Windows 2019 (TSplus, add-ons, App)
  • Updated translations in various languages (TSplus, add-ons, App)
  • New security measures for the guarante of a high level of protection

Intense Marketing to Support TSplus Development

The marketing team, comprised of F. Mer and L. Grenier, is constantly working on improving TSplus communications and strengthening relationships with customers through promotion, publications and prospecting.

F. Mer confirmed the launch of the second phase of TSplus development in China, with the soon-to-be-completed local website and purchasing system. This second step will also include hiring a Baidu SEO specialist to promote the visibility of tsplus.cn on the Chinese Internet.

Many changes have been recently implemented on the website, which will allow for easier navigation, including optimized menu, a redesigned store page and the addition of a page dedicated to the App. For sake of transparency, a listing of the most recent articles published online can also be found on the Contact pagealong with the email addresses for all regional directors and senior leaders.

Other actions to come include updating of tutorial videos, creation of a corporate video, development of a bloggers network, and participation into the Clarion Conference taking place in August.

Last but not least, a customer survey will be launched in order to gather feedback on the user experience. Results will be used as input for future technical developments and for improving information broadcast.

Don’t know TSplus yet? Download the trial version for free:


David Michael