Seamless and RemoteApp Connection…



  • The Seamless connection client works on every Operating System, regardless of the version on the client or on the server side. When connecting remotely, you can access your applications by selecting the seamless mode as if they were installed locally on your computer.

    A transparency color can be set manually to insure your application will appear perfectly (green, blue or pink).

The Seamless Client is based on one transparency color selected by the Administrator.

As the Remote Desktop background color is painted with the selected transparent color, the Microsoft Remote Desktop is not displayed anymore and the user will just see his published applications.

Warning: Installation default is green and should work fine with most applications. We offer you the choice between 3 transparency colors: Pink, Green and Blue. Of course, the server and the connection clients must use the same color. Some elements on an application can also not be visible anymore because of the transparency color.

  • When you assign applications to a user, you can enable the TSplus remote taskbar:

Which you can customize by clicking on the “Customize Taskbar” tile :

Where you can also chose your maximized application preferences, if you wish to see it in full screen mode, and to not overlap the local or blue/silver taskbar.

Overlapping the Windows taskbar

If you want that your maximized applications overlap the Windows taskbar, click on this box, on the Seamless client tab:

The TSplus Remote Taskbar will also overlap the Windows taskbar:


You can also either chose to enable the Floating Panel or the Application Panel for your user.

Assign it as an application:

Under the “Customize Floating Panel” tile you can customize the Floating Panel or the Application Panel at your convenience :


You can also generate the whole Remote Desktop experience into your session. 4 ways of customizing your user’s experience are available. You can also chose to publish one unique application to be launched seamlessly at the user’s logon.


The RemoteApp connection client, contrary to the Seamless client, does not depend on the transparency color settings. Hence, it enables a perfect application display as well as a native Windows behavior.

  • On the Client side, the installation of RDP6 or above is imperative.
  • On the Server side, TSplus has to be installed on a Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise, Windows 8 or 8.1 Enterprise, W10 or Windows 2008/2012.

As for the Seamless connection client, you can publish applications with the TSplus remote taskbarthe Floating Panel and the Microsoft remote desktop.

You can change the RemoteApp client display and Printing preferences on the Web tab of the Admintool:

Minimized applications can be directly found inside the Windows taskbar, like a local application.On this example, Firefox and Paint are launched locally; Notepad, Word and Foxit are launched remotely.