Server Management


Server Management

On the Home tab of the AdminTool, you can see all the needed information about your TSplus server:

Changing the RDP port number and setting up the firewall

With the AdminTool, you can select a different TCP/IP port number for the RDP service to accept connections on. The default one is 3389. You can choose any arbitrary port, assuming that it is not already used on your network and that you set the same port number on your firewalls and on each TSplus user access programs.

TSplus includes a unique port forwarding and tunneling capability: regardless the RDP port that has been set, the RDP will also be available on the HTTP and on the HTTPS port number!

If users want to access your TSplus server outside from your network, you must ensure all incoming connections on the port chosen are forwarded to the TSplus server.

Management of users and sessions

The session manager is located right below the RDP port:

You can display your server’s task manager, and you have the possibilities to active a remote control, disconnect, logoff or send a message to your users.

The Users and Groups tab allows you to add/edit or delete users.

  • With the Session Management Settings (GPO) tab, you can set various connection settings for each session and user

You can see the event logs of the server with the events logs tab.

Services and Properties

The windows Toolkit is an enhanced control panel, summarizing all the Windows Administration tools.

Session Opening Preference

The session opening preference allows you to choose your shell session preference, your logon preferences, the background color of your sessions, add your own logo and rename it to your liking.

By default, on these logon preferences are enabled:

  • The “Display progress bar during logon“.
  • Enable Time Zone Redirection” which enables the client computer to redirect its time zone settings to the Remote Desktop Services session. If you enable this policy setting, clients that are capable of time zone redirection send their time zone information to the server.


You can backup or restore your server parameters by clicking on the tile of the same name, on the Advanced tab:

Click on the Backup button to make a backup, which will be dated and added to the list of your restore points:

Backing up your parameters will allow you to save your TSplus license, your custom web Portal page, assigned applications as well as all of your TSplus settings.


The “Reboot the server tab” allows you to reboot your server.