TSplus 2018 International Meeting to Gather a Growing Worldwide Family

TSplus 2018 International Meeting to Gather a Growing Worldwide Family

Executive Summary: Beginning of March, TSplus has welcomed a crucial event for the Group: a one-week international meeting taking place in Mauritius, gathering the most important members of the ever-growing TSplus family over the world around a central idea: to facilitate the cooperation and the sharing of success between all entities.

TSplus Cluster in Exponential Growth

TSplus Remote Desktop software is the worldwide best alternative to Citrix, offering secure remote access to Desktop and Apps from anywhere, at anytime, for a much more affordable price. With the TSplus HTML5 client, it is possible to connect from any device, with just a web browser. The freshly released TSplus App for mobile allows even faster process, giving the ability to connect from Smartphone and Tablets in one click. Plus, all TSplus software are compatible with any exploitation system, including the last Windows Update.

With such outstanding and unique  functionalities, TSplus’ success over the World is not a surprise. In a dozen of years, TSplus has deployed its remote desktop and application publishing solutions from US and Europe to the 5 continents and in more than 150 countries.  Today, TSplus is a cluster of independent entities from all origins, each one with its own expertise and local strategy, participating into the global expansion of TSplus’ sales and reputation. Rich of a mix of experiences and talents from a network of 600 resellers, TSplus is able to predict a bright Future that must be consolidated with smart investments and a clear vision of what will be the organization of tomorrow.

As a result, the purpose of this 2018 International Meeting was double: to bring together TSplus’ major worldwide players in order to encourage the cooperation between Business Regions, as well as to inform them about the evolution of the strategy for the upcoming years to support the exponential growth.

2018 International Meeting to Integrate New TSplus Members

As mentioned above, TSplus organization is growing along with the great success of its solutions. This year International Meeting was welcoming a bigger group of 27 people, including new collaborators at the headquarters in France and Patrick Lawrence, the Director of the Middle-East Region created in 2017.

As part of the headquarter, were present the following:

Almost all TSplus Region’s Directors have participated:

Taking place in the beautiful Mauritius Island close to African continent, the event’s program consisted in one meeting a day and some cultural and outdoor activities. The guests were hosted with their family in a luxury hotel to bring them the best comfort possible. Olivier Benoit, who is the new TSplus’ CEO since April 2017, claimed that “there is no better satisfaction than rewarding the exceptional work of those who have contributed to the great success of the Group with an exceptional International Meeting. 

During the four big meetings hold during the week, J. Davies and O. Benoit focused on TSplus’ main points of development: Business results and strategy, Research and Technique, Marketing. Each Director had the opportunity to explain the situation in his Region and his own strategy. There was a moment for opened discussion and questions’ answering.

The conclusion of this 2018 International Meeting is very positive for TSplus and all collaborators. It showed a strong cohesion, a real team spirit and a common will to bring the Group to an infinite success.

David Michael