TSplus 9.60 release announcement
  • The Floating Panel is re-designed to offer you new amazing display options: Your preferred color for the background and for the text, with or without slider, with or without your logo, with or without the minimize/close buttons, display only icons…and also your suggested Logoff icon!


  • The 9.60 release is including the latest development of the HTML5 client. It includes far better settings to handle many concurrent sessions and the resize feature has been improved.
  • Security is important for us. The administrator can now assign working hours “per user” to be sure that no one will hack a user’s logon over-night.


  • Time zone redirection is now supported: Wherever your server is hosted, your Remote Session will re-direct your local PC’s time. This enhancement is important for our clients located in large countries such as USA, Brazil, China, Russia, and also for all Cloud Computing hosted server.
  • The 9.60 is introducing the Farm Manager new feature: This feature will be great for large deployment projects and will be fully implemented later.
  • All 9.50 known issues have been fixed and this release is including all of these fixes.

TSplus 9.50 release announcement
  • Improved performances: The TSplus login and logoff process has been dramatically improved. With TSplus 9.50, the system is handling more concurrent users, the sessions open and close faster.
  • Metro graphic enhancements: Windows 10 and 2012 new graphic standard (Metro) has replaced the old Aero Glass displays. This change is requiring different kind of graphics settings. TSplus 9.50 fully benefits from this Windows evolution.
  • HTML5 client: The file transfer and the Virtual Printer support have been enhanced to provide better performances and to avoid web browser limitations.
  • Client Generator: We added the option to allow the display of the user’s local taskbar even if the full screen mode is selected.


  • Universal Printer: Temporary printing files are now deleted after printing. Doing so, TSplus 9.50 generated clients warrant a fast printing process, even at the end of a working day.
  • Web Credentials: The administrator can set a maximum number of concurrent sessions per user. For example, this can be very useful for Cloud applications where each user would have the right to start 3 times an application with the same Web Credential.


  • All 9.40 known issues have been fixed and this release is including all of these fixes.