Microsoft Desktop Web Client VS TSplus HTML5 Client

Microsoft Desktop Web Client VS TSplus HTML5 Client

Executive Summary: Microsoft launched the Windows Server Remote Desktop Web Client on July 16, 2018. The TSplus HTML5 Client, available since the 3.30 release, (the 11.40 upgrade is coming soon), is the best way to instantly Web-Enable any desktop application and run legacy applications inside ANY web browser. It is being constantly enhanced to guarantee fully secure connections and great user experience on all devices. Here are few elements to help users make the best choice!

TSplus is a cheaper and better solution for Remote Desktop Access and Application Publishing than Microsoft Desktop Web Client. Beyond the price difference which is obvious, let’s have a look into the features in details, for a clear and objective comparison:

COMPARATIVE TABLE Microsoft Desktop Web Client VS TSplus HTML5 Client:

  • TSplus Mobile Web or Enterprise Edition
  • Internet connection
  • Web Browser
  • Secure Gateway optional, included in the Enterprise Edition

TSplus HTML5 Client is fully compatible with all Windows OS, giving full remote access to Windows Apps and desktop.It is the easy way to publish applications and connect from anywhere, just using Internet and the TSplus Web Portal. Plus, it is easy to customize it with Corporate identity, by changing the background and adding logos…

To discover how TSplus Remote Desktop’s functionality outperforms Microsoft RDS Client’s, check the following page:

Also, it is easy to understand TSplus advantages over others competitors with the competitive analysis and various articles.

Please note that TSplus kernel is automatically updated on every TSplus server with a working Internet access, so most of customers’ servers are already up-to-date with the latest Windows Update.

And Enjoy full Web Access to Windows applications and Desktops! 

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