Updating Terminal Service Plus


Our development team is working on a daily-basis to ensure the stability and compatibility of TSplus with the latest versions of Microsoft Operating Systems and the latest Updates. We are proud to provide you with new features and enhancements every week.

This is why it is recommended to keep your server up to date. By subscribing to our annual Support and Updates Services, you will have access to the latest Updates and bug fixes.

In order to see which TSplus version you have and update it:

  • You can check the status of your TSplus release by opening an Admin Tool, click on the license tile, then you can see the version already installed:
  • You can then click on the “Check for Updates” tile or on this link: Update Release.

If you have users connected when you want to apply the Update, we recommend you to rename these 3 programs located in “C:\Program Files\TSplus\UserDesktop\files”:

  • logonsession.exe
  • srvterminal.exe
  • runapplication.exe

Make sure no users are logged in before installing this update, you can check for remote users by launching a task manager and clicking on the users tab. Disabling your anti virus is also recommended. Then, execute the Update Release program.